About Jay

It started a long time ago. This love I have for wildlife and nature. It was my father who introduced me to all these beautiful creatures we call “wildlife” He was also the one who introduced me to photography at a very young age.

I recall my excitement in receiving a Kodak Instamatic camera just before one of our vacations to the Kruger National Park. With my 12 exposure 126 cartridge film loaded in the camera I became the Big 5 hunter and was ready to “shoot” anything that moved. How times have changed. Imagine being restricted to the amount of pictures you could take, having to wait to have the
film processed and printed and then being sad as there were very few “good” shots if you were lucky. Those were the days!

My father had his own photographic business and he and my mother build a life around photography and even though he sadly passed away some time ago, the seeds he had sown back then still grows, hence my love for wildlife and the anticipation of capturing that magical moment.

Here in my little corner of the earth we are blessed to have a wonderful climate with an abundance of wildlife and I am blessed and privileged to be able to share with you a small collection of pictures that I have taken over the years.

I will continue to capture wildlife at every opportunity I get and update this site continuously.
I trust you have enjoyed what I have to show and please feel free to sign my guest book if you so wish.

Kind regards. Jay