Andre van Rensburg Photography
Architectural photography. Interiors and exteriors and aerials(helicopter). Lifestyle and resort photography. Landscape and travel photography. USA.

Wildlife Photographic College
The Wildlife Photographic College aims to provide novice and experienced Wildlife Photographers a means to further their skills and knowledge in an innovative and convenient manner while still providing an affordable service.

Excellence is what we stand for and strive to provide top class content for our students ensuring that they have all the relevant tools needed to become a successful wildlife photographer.

Excellence has been achieved by choosing some of the top photographers whose renowned work and experience has been passed onto you, the student.

Our photographers have refined wildlife photography in such a manner that you, the student, will shortcut common mistakes encountered in the field.

The Wildlife Photographic College's main goal is to provide beginners, novice and experienced students of Photography a way to further their skills and knowledge base, we do however specialize in Wildlife.

A collection of stunning Wildlife images by Mark Drysdale.

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